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Session Fee-$200

50 minutes

Fees and Insurance​

Payment is accepted via credit, debit or HSA cards online through the client portal.   At this time Spence Counseling Alliance does not accept insurance, however a “superbill” statement can be provided in order for clients to submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement. It is important to note that many insurance companies do not reimburse for treatment with associate level clinicians. It is the client’s responsibility to determine eligibility for reimbursement from their insurance company.​

Cancellation Policy​

Clients will receive an email or text appointment reminder the day before a scheduled session. Should a conflict arise, please notify your clinician as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can call, email or text in order to reschedule. Spence Counseling Alliance has a 48-hour cancellation policy. In the event that a client fails to cancel 48 hours in advance or is a no-show to a scheduled appointment, clients will be charged for the appointment.  In the case of chronic issues with attendance (three or more missed sessions, or failures to cancel), Spence Counseling Alliance reserves the right to terminate treatment. 


 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) protects the relationship between a client and therapist.  Your personal health information (PHI) cannot be disclosed without your written permission.  This includes diagnosis, notes, treatment plans and bills. Spence Counseling Alliance is required to maintain the privacy of your PHI per HIPAA regulations.

Exceptions to this include:  ​

·suspected abuse of child, individual or elder

·threats of serious bodily harm or  property damage to another

·intent to harm him/herself​

Therapists are mandated reporters and should these situations arise, we are required by the State of Washington to notify child protective services, the police or other appropriate authorities to ensure client and other's safety.  For information on your rights under HIPAA, go to: 


Clients are expected to pay treatment fees at the time of service, unless alternative arrangements have been made.    Fees are based on services requested. 


As a small private practice, situations arise wherein treatment with me does not offer the appropriate level of necessary care, for example wrap-around intensive services, or 24 hour crisis help, which may be offered in larger group private practices or clinics. Therefore, there are some limits to clients that Spence Counseling Alliance can work with, including:​

Suicidal thoughts and/or recent suicide attempts​

Issues related to substance use/abuse that inhibit daily functioning​

Untreated and/or severe psychological diagnoses (i.e. mood disorders, schizophrenia, etc.)​

Active engagement in non-consensual behavior​.

 Should medication,  substance abuse treatment or hospitalization be required, Spence Counseling Alliance will refer you to the appropriate facility and or physician.


(425) 224-6326

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